Marked, Chapter 3: The Shortest Chapter to Ever Exist.

Welcome back, readers! Where last we left off, Zoey was about to talk to her stepdad about the whole accidentally becoming a vampire thing.

So her parents call her out of her room. She walks in and her stepdad is all, omg, it’s the antichrist. Actually, what he really says is:

Get thee behind me, Satan!”

And then Zoey is all:

“It’s not Satan. It’s just me.”

…which I think is a pretty good response.

John, the stepdad, goes and blames the onset of the Change on her wicked, sinful ways. When Zoey argues that, actually, it’s a scientific process involving junk DNA , John is all like:

“Scientists are not all-knowing. They are not men of God.”

The “step-loser,” as Zoey has dubbed him, is “an Elder of the People of Faith,” which seems to be some weird, ultra-conservative shit. John mentions that he’s going to start the prayer phone tree and gather a bunch of Elders in his house. Then he tells Zoey’s mom, Linda, to call the family therapist, who is going to make an emergency house call.

I don’t really feel like that’s a thing—you know, whenever you call a therapist, they say, “If this is an emergency, please hang up and dial 911,” and all—but we’ll go with it. Maybe this guy is a Person of Faith, too.

Meanwhile, Zoey is getting sicker, insisting that she needs to go to the House of Night in order to avoid, like, dying, but her mom begs her to spend the night at home. That’s cool, Linda. I wonder if there are vampyre protection laws in place. Shouldn’t forbidding a minor to go to the House of Night qualify as neglect?

So Zoey goes back to her room under the pretense of needing to rest, and then the chapter ends. A short one for you guys!

Thanks again for reading. Since this update was so heckin short, I’m going to try and bang out the fourth chapter for you ASAP. My classes have gotten kind of intense lately so no promises, but I’ll try my darndest.

As always, stay lovely ❤



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